I'm Suz, the Photographer!

My love & passion for photography started when my daughter was in high school. She & her friends always wanted pictures together... So I got the job of the photographer. Little did I know my love for capturing images was about to take off, as I started my own photography business when my daughter went off to college. Today, I am beyond excited to be partnering with my daughter to use our creative abilities to help others capture special moments in their lives.

5 Things I love:

  1. Spending time with my family.
  2. The ocean- It's my happy place!
  3. Traveling & adventuring with my hubby.
  4. Fashion!! (I can help you with your styling needs)
  5. Mexican food. You cannot beat a good taco.

Why I love being a photographer:

Getting to spend time with people and learning about their stories fills my soul! Being able to capture special moments for my clients makes my heart happy. After sharing the photos with my clients, I get SUPER excited to hear how they are loving their photos and how happy they are with them! One of the things that I love to do is adventure with my clients and find unique places to take pictures. I find that by the end of the photo shoot, I am thinking these people are AMAZING and I would love to sit at Starbucks with them and get to know them even better! Thankful that I get to do something I love and have tremendous passion for!!

“"Susie's creative energy guides every shoot. Whether you know exactly what to do or have never stood in front of the camera before. She knows exactly how to make you feel at ease! She loves to learn about her clients & uses what she learns to create individuality in each shot. Susie is the most gifted photographer I have ever worked with. Her shots are perfect, editing style and color palette so warm and inviting and her turnaround time is so fast that you don't feel like you're waiting.”